The World of Valden

Season of the Witch

“The Harvest Moon celebrations occurred without a hitch. People were optimistic about the future. However, since that day, the moon has been constantly red, with a bloody glow and what appear to be dark clouds roiling by it. Villagers trade stories of acquaintances being poxed, pained and transformed into monstrous creatures. Weather acts in strange, unpredictable ways. Town guards and military alike begin to talk of witch hunts. Any attempt to contact the leadership of the witch covens have failed. Our adventurers find themselves drawn into this conflict, made to uncover secret saboteurs, impede disastrous witch hunts and uncover the truth behind the Season of the Witch.”

30 Point Buy
Slow XP Track

Consult Character Creation. Anything listed in the rules on/linked in this page supercede the rules in normal character creation.

Optional Rules in Effect:
Skill Training

Special Rules:



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