The World of Valden

Season of the Witch - The Story so Far

Current date – Septembrie 21st

Nearing midnight of the 13th of Septembrie, our heroes participated in the traditional burning of effigies on the Harvest Moon festival. Upon burning these effigies, they found themselves in a strange, unknown forest too thick to navigate except for the preset paths. Making contact with an unusual impish creature, they learned this place to be some kind of strange “Other-World”. Our heroes ventured inside of an ancient temple full of strange cultists, and defeated a blackened tree from which the strung up corpses of hung men swayed like vines. They returned to their home continent, perhaps plane, by way of a portal. This portal led them to the Seat of Salem, capital building of the city of Salem in the nation of Keystone, city of cities. The leaders of the Witches informed them it has been a week since the Harvest Moon, when they disappeared. Since then, the moon (or at least a vision thereof) has been a constant presence in the sky. It glows blood red along the sun. Occasionally, it will eclipse the sun entirely and cause anomalous effects. Additionally, the party learns that they have acquired witchmarks for unknown reasons. Our heroes have been bidden to rest until morning and a greater explanation would be given.

The party was provided with comfortable rooms and the promise of food and board if they are willing to listen to what the HighMothers have to say and work with them to discover what greater game is unfolding. The party is explained that this isn’t mandatory but that, in most cases of what one might call “destiny”, they might not be able to escape what is waiting (or natively searching for) them. When the PC’s retire to their rooms, they find two pieces of parchment waiting for them. The first explains the unusual abilities that are granted by their witchmarks (and what the witches believe will empower them once they achieve the proper experience) and what appears to be the common law and charter of Salem.

Season of the Witch

“The Harvest Moon celebrations occurred without a hitch. People were optimistic about the future. However, since that day, the moon has been constantly red, with a bloody glow and what appear to be dark clouds roiling by it. Villagers trade stories of acquaintances being poxed, pained and transformed into monstrous creatures. Weather acts in strange, unpredictable ways. Town guards and military alike begin to talk of witch hunts. Any attempt to contact the leadership of the witch covens have failed. Our adventurers find themselves drawn into this conflict, made to uncover secret saboteurs, impede disastrous witch hunts and uncover the truth behind the Season of the Witch.”

30 Point Buy
Slow XP Track

Consult Character Creation. Anything listed in the rules on/linked in this page supercede the rules in normal character creation.

Optional Rules in Effect:
Skill Training

Special Rules:


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