Bladebow: Exotic Melee/Ranged Weapon – Bladebow – Can swap between forms as a swift action.
Blade – As Short Sword
Bow – As Shortbow or Longbow. Delineate as such: Bladebow (Long) or Bladebow (Short)

The Bow portion and the Blade portion must be enchanted separately. Such a weapon would look like this: 2/1 Bladebow (Long). The first modifier is the bow part and the second is the blade part. However, a masterwork bladebow can be made at a single cost of 300 GP more. A bladebow can be made composite. Bladebows are two-handed when used in melee.

Weapon proficiency with Bladebow covers both versions.

Bladebow (Long): 85 GP, 5 pounds
Bladebow (Short): 45 GP, 4 pounds


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