The deities of this world are mysterious, rarely appearing to any mortal in-person. Most scholars agree that there were three over-gods that created the continent of Farrin – but there are claims that there are older beings, and even some mortal beings older than the Farric Pantheon. Some believe that there is one greater deity that made the deities the mortals worship – an unknowable creature. This would, some say, explain the similarity of roles among different pantheons. Others even those within their own pantheon, that their “Gods” are mortals that have simply achieved a power level that could be equal to the Divine. It may also be that case that these different pantheons are simply local interpretations of the Farric pantheon, at least, that is what some theologians speculate. The only case of a relatively normal human becoming a Deity happened only recently due to an accident – and it is believed to have caused significant damage to the upper planes.

Farric Pantheon – Worshiped across Farrin and even other continents. The Oramatan islands also worship these gods but often refer to them in different names, or with altered details.

Jōshōan Pantheon – Majority religion in Josho with individual worshipers in other areas.

Urlundic Pantheon – Majority religion in Urlund with individual worshipers in other areas.

Katruskan Pantheon – Majority religion in Katruska and almost no other worshippers anywhere else

A’vellan Pantheon – Majority religion in A’vello and worshiped rarely outside of A’vello – almost always by native A’vellans.

Fallen Lords and Heavenly Hosts – Power outsider beings of virtue and sin, often referred to as Empyreal Lords or Daemonic Patrons, respectively.

Racial Deities – Almost always worshiped only by the races they pertain to, may be part of another pantheon or a racial pantheon. (Such as the Draconic or Goblinoid pantheon)

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