Amaterasu – The First Divine Empress
Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Katana
Domains: Law, Good, Sun, Community, Nobility, Fire
Holy Symbol: Magatama
Common Name: Amaterans

The first empress, wife of the overdeity Phoenix, was born of a mortal man. While she was graced by the blessing of a divine presence, she herself could not achieve the feats of her husband, the Emperor. However, her children were a different story. The first empress bore four children – Amaterasu was the first.

Amaterasu, from the very start of her life, was destined to become the Empress of both God and Man. Inheriting what would be the closest approximation to her fathers powers, she was mighty even as a child. However, she also inherited her mother’s love of simple comforts, quiet grace, and the love of her people as only a mortal can posses. Her time was split between classes on ruler-ship and etiquette, as well as studies of art and the quiet appreciation of serene landscapes and gardens. For some time, the people wondered if she would become lost in the trappings of nobility. She might have been, if not for certain events.

Early in her teenage years, a group of Oni Cultists assaulted the kingdom her father and mother had built, hoping to destroy the Phoenix Emperor, having sacrificed the majority of his powers. While the rebellion was quelled, many of her kinsfolk died to protect Amaterasu and her family. She knew then that an emperor could not simply be a great ruler, but also must be a powerful warrior.

Amaterasu trained endlessly with a katana, despite the fact she hoped she would never need to use it. She was tutored by the best samurai, the wisest priests, and she even sought those of the common class who might help her understand what she might have missed. She disguised herself and walked among her people frequently, studying their lives, their joys, their plights. Through this, she knew the ways of all her kinsmen and would recognize when something was wrong.

Eventually, the time came when she would have to draw her blade in defense. After her father passed, the right of ruler-ship was passed to her. Finally realizing the full powers of her divine heritage, she pledged to lead with wisdom and patience. However, the Oni Cultists rose once again, seeking the throne. They believed that an empress that was little more than a child would be easy prey. The Oni they called were so fierce that they caused the sun to set, not to rise again over Joshoan skies.

Amaterasu knew this was the moment she trained for. She rode to meet the Oni army and their human confederates alone. They laughed and mocked, believeing that their victory was assured. However, as Amaterasu drew her katana, the sun rose in the sky, revealing her true majesty and power. The oni assembled were banished as soon as the suns rays touched their skin, and those cultists who did not surrender were destroyed with swift, precise and (mostly) painless blows. The people rejoiced as they knew that their empire was in good hands.

At the end of her life, Amaterasu passed the responsibility of office along to her first son, and ascended into the heavens to rule as the first true deity of Josho.

Amaterasu loves all the other Gods in the Pantheon with two notable exceptions. She feels great pity for Izanami, hoping that she will one day repent her actions and join Amaterasu in the heavens. The only deity she feels anything close to hate for is Tetsuo, as his existence is nothing but a threat to Josho, and a perversion of it’s ideals.


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