Enhanced Throws

You know how to throw weapons in a way that’s less terrible.

Pre-Reqs: Armiger, Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.

Benefit: Whenever you make an attack with multiple thrown weapons, you may treat any non magical weapon as a +1 enhancement bonus, with an additional +1 enhancement bonus for every 5 BAB you posses. You may only use this feat when you posses at least 1 throwing weapon with an enhancement bonus on your person. Your enhancement bonus from this feat can never exceed the maximum numeric plus of your strongest enchanted throwing weapon. You can choose to assign these enhancement bonus to weapon qualities, but only if you already posses a throwing weapon with that specific quality.

Additionally, any throwing weapon you use with the returning quality comes right back to you after you have thrown it.

Additionally, all throwing weapons have their ranges extended by 5 feet. This is after all other enhancements to ranges.

Enhanced Throws

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