Izanami – The Fallen Scion
Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Nine Section Whip
Domains: Evil, Darkness, Death, Earth, Rune
Holy Symbol: Discarded Bones
Common Name: Izanamans

The first empress, wife of the overdeity Phoenix, was born of a mortal man. While she was graced by the blessing of a divine presence, she herself could not achieve the feats of her husband, the Emperor. However, her children were a different story. The first empress bore four children – Izanami was the second.

Izanami grew up free of the constant training and tutoring of her sister Amaterasu. She received excellent care and was even a bit spoiled. Her parents thought this was an act of compassion – a life of leisure without the expectation of rule. And while it was true that Izanami was well loved, this proved to be a tragic downfall.

Izanami was constantly jealous of the respect shown to her older sister. While she was treated like a ruler and leader, Izanami was treated (in her mind) like a tag-along, a handmaiden, nothing more than an asset to the throne. This festered within Izanami for the entirety of her life, becoming more potent as she aged. When her father passed, she too received the complete measure of her divine abilities. It was, however, that she was so twisted by hate and longing that these abilities became much more vile.

Keeping the grim nature of her powers a secret, Izanami trained in secret. She learned to call legions of the dishonorable dead and use darkness and evil to her advantage. One day, when she finally thought she was powerful enough, Izanami led her undead minions and creatures of the night against Amaterasu. The battle raged between the sisters, and Izanami found that the sun does not set so easily.

Amaterasu loved her sister too much to kill her, believing that she has some part in setting Izanami on this path. However, she could not risk her people by imprisoning her in the city. Amaterasu banished her living sister to the underworld. Ever the opportunist, Izanami overthrew the forces that ruled this place and became it’s new ruler. In the dark, she gathers the dishonorable and restless spirits of Josho and it’s enemies, always preparing for the day she might ascend and take the throne she-still believes is rightfully hers.

Izanami hates all the gods of Josho, both old and new. The sympathy her siblings feel for her vexes her to no end. She reserves her deepest hate for Tetsuo, as he seeks to usurp the will of the undead, which belong to Izanami to command.


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