Mrazmus – The Creeping Frost, the Frozen Dead
Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Short Spear
Domains: Evil, Water, Death, Air, Weather
Holy Symbol: Icy Mountain
Common name: Mrazmans

Mrazmus is the god of encroaching cold, blinding storms and marching undead. His influence radiated from the frost-bitten places of the world, slowing enveloping everything in a coat of killer frost.

Mrazmus is a stoic and quiet deity, content to sit back and let his domains do what they do best. His faith in frost and the undead are placed in their tenacity. Precious few things stop these fearsome, one track minded elements. Even when they do face their enemies, they doggedly continue on their pathway, heedless of imminent destruction. Mrazmus understands that there are setbacks, most notably, the sun. However, all of his domains share one similar property – they can never be truly destroyed. Their existence is unending, spawning more of their own wherever they go, always creating an uphill battle. In the end, Mrazmus trusts these elements to survive over all else.

The faithful of Mrazmus are bleak, cold and stoic – emulating their master. They seek to destroy fire and preach the purity of frost to the common man. Those that can raise undead do so as often as they can, for use as servants, warriors, laborers and lookouts. They especially favor undead that have cold abilities, and undead that can spawn. A surprising number of Mrazmites have fallen prey to their own over spawning undead, but they do not concern themselves much with this statistic. After all, undeath is only another lifetime to serve. Those Mrazmites that look towards the end of days, when the world is naught but frozen wastes, anticipate the day when they will migrate to the high priest of Mrazmus, whom will turn them all to undeath before ascending to Lichdom.

Mrazmus finds his temples in secret places, always either rimmed in frost or surrounded by blighted and dead lands. Many of the priesthood in these areas are forced to create food using magic. They accept this willingly, as food given to them by the master is surely better than food that absorbed the light of the sun and the toil of living hands. The Mrazman faith is a tough one, with disputes being settled by bloodshed and then undead servitude. None of their priesthood would have it any other way. Frost culls the weak, and eternal life gives them a second chance to be useful.

Mrazmus is an isolated deity who rarely voices an opinion in the Deific court. He still fumes that Zhal petitioned the power of Darkness be removed from his influence. The sun is the only thing Mrazmus truly fears, and it is that same check that preserves the faithful of the other deities. He envies Shade for his power of darkness and wishes to steal it from him. However, his slow methodology prevents overt action. Mrazmus allies with Desmodus to help him gather souls, often in the hopes that he can create a powerful undead creature from the remains.He finds enemies in any deity that promotes community and organized living, as cities are much more resistant to death of cold than small tribes are. He also has great designs to overtake the jungles of the Elderfang with ice, but this is doubtful to ever come to pass.

Faith Traits:

Bitter Cold: Add +1 damage per dice of any spell with the cold descriptor spell you cast, or when you use an ability or effect that deals cold damage.

Cold Mastery: Choose one metamagic feat. It’s adjusted spell level is reduced by 1 (To a minimum of 1) when applied to a spell with the cold descriptor.

Icy Armor: You gain a +1 trait bonus to armor class while wearing metal armor or while under the effects of a spell that grants AC.

Icy Words: +1 bonus to intimidate and bluff checks, and one of these is always a class skill for you.

Frozen Heart: +1 trait bonus against Fear effects and spells with the Emotion descriptor.


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