Raijin – The King of the Storm
Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Dan Bong
Domains: Chaos, Air, Liberation, Plant, Trickery, Weather
Holy Symbol: Taito Drum
Common Name: Raijins

The first empress, wife of the overdeity Phoenix, was born of a mortal man. While she was graced by the blessing of a divine presence, she herself could not achieve the feats of her husband, the Emperor. However, her children were a different story. The first empress bore four children – Raijin was the fourth.

Raijin felt no love for the formality expected of his bloodline and his family, The boy snuck out of the castle at every opportunity he could find. He ran the streets with the commoner children, playing pranks – freeing himself from the shackles of his responsibilities. His favorite part of these excursions were seeing the drummers in the cities and towns, playing wild music bought on by imbibing spirits.

Raijin was young when his father passed, but received his deific abilities all the same. This was something of a disappointment for Raijin, as now the common man would recognize him instantly and restrict themselves to formal behavior. To counter this, Raijin wore a variety of garishly decorated Oni masks when he went out to party. This became such a key part of his persona that he adopted the face of an Oni when truly ascending. His ability to drink, song and above all play his four Taito drums kept people from asking much about the man behind the mask.

Sometimes, the people of Josho forget that the Phoenix was also a being of joy for life and it’s pleasures. Raijin emphasizes this aspect in his divinity. He rides the air, bringing storms to clear fields and grow crops, pounding his drums to call the elements. His disfavor can bring ruin but his appreciation brings happiness and revels.

Raijin does not seek to cause strife with any other God, but he will fiercely defend Josho to his last breath. To this end, he despises Tetsuko for the damage he may do.


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