Ryūjin – Scholar of the Waves
Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Bo Staff
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Healing, Magic, Travel, Water
Holy Symbol: Quill
Common Name: Ryūjans

The first empress, wife of the overdeity Phoenix, was born of a mortal man. While she was graced by the blessing of a divine presence, she herself could not achieve the feats of her husband, the Emperor. However, her children were a different story. The first empress bore four children – Ryūjin was the third.

Ryūjin let the tide of ruler-ship and responsibility wash over him. He believed that he could best serve the nation using his natural intelligence and studious nature. He let the uprisings of the Oni cultists and his sister’s attempt at a coup wax and wane as the waves themselves do. Through it all, he served as the castle’s scribe, historian, librarian, reeve, and chief dignitary. He treated all with grace and fairness and never wavered in his loyalty to the throne. He received his powers as did the others – his reflect the wisdom and grace of his father, and his legacy of creating the lands, seas and the foundations of magic.

While some viewed Ryūjin as a boring and stoic man, they did not see him in the element of his true love. Ryūjin constantly pined for the sea, with it’s vast openness and mystery. He marveled that something so innocuous could provide such a great service to the Joshoan people – perhaps he saw a reflection of himself in those tidal waters. When he officially retired, Ryūjin took a small boat into the open sea. He ascended into true godhood, but chose to remain in the sea – his true home. Ryūjin provides bountiful catches to those who please him and roaring waves to those who anger him. But he always is willing to parley with anyone willing to listen to the wisdom of the sea.

Ryūjin treats any that he meets with fairness, and endeavors to see that they receive whatever weal or woe they deserve.


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