Sacrament Witch

More in touch with the lighter side of their abilities, Sacrament Witches focus on healing the sick and uplifting the downtrodden.

Requirements: Ability to cast second level Witch spells, Hex Class feature, Healing Hex, Channel Energy Class Feature, White Witch Maiden. Cannot have one of the following patrons: Death, Entropy, Insanity, Nightmares, Plague, Vengeance

Alignment: Non-Evil
Hit Dice: d6
Class Skills: The same as Witch, adding Knowledge (Religion)
Skill Ranks Per Level: 6+Int. Modifier
BAB: 1/2
Saves: Poor Fortitude, Poor Reflex, Good Will
Total Levels: 10

1st Level:
Spells: Every level, a Sacrament Witch gains new spells per day as if they had also gained a level in Witch. They do not, however, gain other benefits of that class other than spells per day, spells known, and an increased effective level of spellcasting.

Sacred Trust: Sacrament Witches cannot prepare or cast Inflict spells, the Harm spell, or any spell with the Pain descriptor. These will always fizzle. You cannot select the following hexes: Blight, Cursed Wound, Discord, Poison Steep, Poison Touch, Pollute Water, Polluted Gaze, Withering, Agony, Cook People, Infected Wounds, Nightmares, Restless Slumber and Death Curse.

In return, A Sacrament Witch adds Breath of Life, Lesser Restoration, Restoration and Greater Restoration to her spell list.

Additionally, your Sacrament Witch levels stack with your Patron and Familiar class features as long as you remain faithful. Not being faithful depends on your patron, but from the guidelines of this class it generally includes causing undue harm upon a non-hostile creature, primarily physical harm but excessive and unnecessary mental harm can also violate this trust. (Trickery does not cause you to violate this oath unless your trickery leads it to unnecessary amounts of harm) If you willingly cause harm to a hostile target, you lose the use of your White Witch feats and your Healing Hex Specialist class feature for 24 hours.

Sacrament of Healing: At first level, the Sacrament Witch gains an increase to their channel pool of +1d6. This increases by an additional 1d6 every odd level. Sacrament Witch Class levels stack with classes or abilities that are or act like Channel Energy.

2nd Level:
Hexed Healer: At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 10th level, the Sacrament Witch gains a hex of their choice that they qualify for. Levels of Sacrament Witch stack with levels of Witch for determining the level of their Hex class feature and improvements. (A Witch 5/Sacrament Witch 6 can select a Major Hex) In place of a Hex, they may choose a Channeling Feat which they qualify for, they gain that feat as a bonus feat.

3rd Level:
White Witch Matron: You gain White Witch Matron as a bonus feat, even if you do not qualify for it. You lose access to this feat if you stop qualifying for the prestige class.

5th Level:
Healing Hex specialist: You gain the Major Healing Hex as a bonus Hex, even if you do not qualify for it. A Sacrament Witch may use the Healing Hex and Major Healing Hex a number of times per day on each individual creature a number of times per 24 hours equal to the modifier which she uses to determine daily uses of Channel Energy.

7th Level:
White Witch Crone: You gain White Witch Crone as a bonus feat, even if you do not qualify for it. You lose access to this feat if you stop qualifying for the prestige class.

9th level:
Masterful Healer: A Sacrament Witch may quicken any spell, spell-like or supernatural effect that heals damage, conditions or statistic damage. They may do this a number of times per day equal to the attribute they use to determine their extra uses of channel energy per day.

10th Level:
Life Giver: You gain the Life Giver Grand Hex as a bonus Hex, even if you do not qualify for it.

Sacrament Witch

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