Armiger feat line

Note: All Armiger feats must be used with the weapon specified in it’s description, unless modified by additional feats. Only weapons of that type count for effects.


Nerves of Steel

Overcompensating Weapon

Expert at Arms

Master of Tactics

Break Defenses

Tried In Combat

Charging Vital Strike

One Handed Only:

Einhander Duelist

Einhander Tactician

Einhander Mastermind

Two Weapon Fighting:

Elaborate Two-Weapon Fighting

Elaborate Two-Weapon Defense

Two-Weapon Reflexes

Two-Weapon Agility

Hammers, Maces and Flails:

Hammer Slammer

Hammer Smasher

Hammer Shatter

Heat of the Forge

Note: The above feats do not apply if a weapon in the above category does not do bludgeoning damage.




Shieldking’s Castle

Daggers/Light Blades:

Pig Sticker

Twist the Knife

Bloody Work

Named Dagger

Magic Staff:

Battle Stave

Spellfocus Stave

Spellblast Stave

Throwing Weapons:

Enhanced Throws


Trick Throwing


Versatile Spearman

Readied Defender

Piercing Blows

Two Handed Weapons:

Deflective Blade

Crushing Fury

Wild Swings

Weapon And Shield:

Gain Momentum

Return Strike

Turn the Blade

Unarmed & Close:


Concussive Blow

Sucker Punch

Note: Natural Attacks are not included in the feats above.

Natural Attacks:


Feeding Frenzy

Perfection of Form

Note: Unarmed Strikes are not included in the feats above.

Armiger feat line

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