Elaboration on Archetype Feats

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Must be taken at first level. (Except as noted below) May only take one archetype feat.

Please note the following exceptions:

Anti-Communist Machine: My campaign does not have communists. Yet.

Anti-Villian: The 3HD ability does not give you the ability to do blatantly evil things and retain your alignment or class features. It allows your moral code to be a little bit more flexible, but you cannot kill an entire orphanage and go “Eh, immune to falling”.

Bastardly: 3HD ability. Anyone with Improved Unarmed Strike or similar do not count as unarmed.

Battle Butler: 3HD ability. You must be actively engaged in the same battle as your master to gain any of the benefits.

Battle Charger: No. Fuck you. This one feat gives you 6 motherfucking feats. I hope whatever Mary Sue character this was written for was killed in a horrible accident that the player couldn’t rules lawyer his way out of.

Big Guy: Does not need to be taken at 1st level if you only have one feat. However, this must be taken in the next feat slot down from Power Attack. 15HD updated to “You gain a circumstance bonus on your attack roll equal to the penalty you take from power attacking.”

Black Knight: Spell Resistance may be dropped as a swift action, but is only applicable while you are wearing heavy armor.

Chain Smoking Badass: 8HD ability. Change the wording to “Immune to ability damage”. Smoking does not grant you inherent protection from shit like vampires, Jesus Christ.

Doctor: 3HD ability. You must choose one weapon to apply this ability to. 15HD ability. You do not gain the additional +2 bonus to checks. You can cast Heal twice a day, fuck you.

ANY of the Conduit feats: No. Too fucking crazy to even straighten out right now. Seriously, right out of the gate being hit with certain elemental damage causes you to be affected by the Heal spell. The fuck?

Femme Fatale: You can take this as a good aligned character.

Ironblood: 1HD ability. I have no idea what he’s trying to say. Is he implying you gain 2 racial HD as a first level character? Why would your HD not be at it’s max at first level. Either way, I will call it that you gain an additional 1d8r4 hit points at first level, along with the +3 Fort bonus.

Lumberjack: 3HD ability. Change to “You gain an inherent +2 to either your Strength or Constitution score.” Sorry, but you only get the equivalent of 2 Wish spells.

Mechanized Adjustments: Just fucking all of it. Did he intend for those natural armor bonuses to increase or stack? Level 8 you’re just immune to every bodily negative effect, that’s kinda fucked. At level 15 all attacks against you must be rerolled. All fucking attacks. 18 HD and you just ignore all goddamn damage mitigation.

Pit Fighter: 15HD ability. Updated ability: “You are a nearly invincible machine of combat, you gain immunity to stunning and ability damage.”

Positive Energy Conduit: 15 HD ability. Immune to ability damage, not drain.

Powerhouse: No.

Pretty Boy/Girl: 7HD ability. You may cast charm person 3/day. You can maintain charmed targets up to your charisma mod. 10HD ability. You may cast suggestion in this way 1/day.

Schemer: Too stupid and complicated.

Wanderer: Does not need to be taken at 1st level if you only have one feat. However, this must be taken in the next feat slot down from Endurance.

Elaboration on Archetype Feats

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