Magic Staff

Magic Staff

The magic staff (Also called a Cantrip Staff or Orison Staff depending on the user) is a quarterstaff affixed with a compartment at the top. This can be a simple crescent cup, a curved wooden arch, an elaborate sculpted art, a gnarled twig with an open space, and anything in between. The compartment holds a crystal which is designed to draw from the magical energy of the wielder.

Any class that gains at least 6 levels of spells is proficient with the Magic Staff. It is an exotic weapon but can be used in melee without proficiency as a normal Quarterstaff would be.

When loaded with a crystal, the user can project a small bit of magical force. This is a ranged attack with a 60 foot increment. When using a Magic Staff in this way, you may choose to use your primary spellcasting stat instead of your dexterity bonus as a bonus to your attack modifier. A class that does not cast spells must make a Use Magic Device check to use this functionality. The DC is 20, but proficiency in the weapon gives you a +4 bonus on this check. Ranged attacks with the Magic Staff can be affected by any feats that do not specify specific weapons. As an example, a Magic Staff may be used with Rapid Shot but not Many Shot, as Many Shot specifies a bow.

Magic Staff: 1d6 bludgeoning, x2 crit (Melee), 1d6 x2, 60 ft. (Ranged), see below for damage info. 50 GP, 6 pounds. Two Handed.

Magic crystals are the ammunition for the weapons ranged functionality. Each crystal has 20 charges at which point it crumbles to dust. Loading a crystal into a Magic Staff is a move action. The prices and effects are listed below:

Default Crystal: Piercing damage – 2 GP each
Bludgeon Crystal: Deals nonlethal bludgeoning damage 3 GP
Elemental Crystal: Deals damage of an element of your choice – 10 GP each
Force Crystal: Deals Force damage – 20 GP each

A Magic Staff can be attuned. An attuned staff allows you to add a certain amount of your primary spell casting stat as a bonus to your damage roll. Attuning a Magic Staff costs 200 gold pieces per point of bonus applied and takes one hour of focusing your magical abilities. Attunement can be increased at a later time but cannot be decreased. If your primary spell casting stat bonus is less than the attunement of the magic staff, you can’t effectively use it, so you take a –2 penalty on attacks with it. If you have a penalty for low stat bonuses, apply it to damage rolls when you use an attuned magic staff.

A Magic Staff is inherently a spellcasting focus.

Magic Staff

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