Rules Updates, Edits and Additions

House Rules:

1. A 1 followed by a 20 results in a successful hit on the enemy. As part of this, you roll a third 1d20. If this third roll is a 20, you crit the enemy.

2. A 1 followed by a 1 is a successful hit on yourself. As part of this, you roll a third 1d20. If this third roll is a 1, you also drop your weapon.

3. A 20 followed by a 20 on an enemy makes the target subject to an instant death roll. They must make a fort save equal to 10+your BAB+Strength Mod (min 0). If they fail they die instantly. Powerful enemies may be immune to this.

4. Scimitar is added to the list of finessable weapons.

5. The Katana and Sawtooth Sabre may be used as finesse weapons as long as you are proficient with them. (Through class or the Exotic Weapon proficiency feat) The Katana can be finessed with one or two hands.

6. Demoralize Opponent is updated: “You can use this skill to cause an opponent to become shaken for a number of rounds. This shaken condition doesn’t stack with other shaken conditions to make an affected creature frightened. The DC of this check is equal to 1d20 + the target’s Hit Dice + the target’s will save modifier.” This will be reviewed and edited if it is found to be too powerful. (Or too weak)

7. BAB needed to qualify for Arcane Archer is reduced to +3.

8. A Hex Channeler Witch may use the Extra Hex feat to gain additional channel dice.

9. You may take the Trap Finder trait without it being region specific.

10. Any class which only receives 2 skill points per level has that number increased to gain 4 skill points per level.

11. Handaxes are reclassified as a simple weapon.

12. Using a Pearl of Power is a swift (mental) action. It does not need to be removed from one’s pack.

13. Druids add the following weapons to their list of proficiencies: Light Mace, Heavy Mace, Morningstar, Longspear, Battle Aspergillum, Handaxe and Battleaxe.

14. Druids gain Bless Water as a 1st level spell.

15. Assassins can be neutral as well as evil.

16. Enhancement bonus on guns are increased to 1.5 cost for simple and 2 for advanced guns, unless you have it done by a master craftsman within Buellswerk. Enchantment costs on bullets remain the same.

17. The Ninja gains Improved Unarmed Strike at first level as a bonus feat. They may use any part of their body to performed Unarmed Strikes, may use Unarmed Strike with their hands full, and may choose to do nonlethal damage with Unarmed Strikes without taking a penalty to the attack roll.

18. A Ninja who selects the Unarmed Combat Training Ninja Trick gains the following effect: “A ninja who selects this trick deals damage with their unarmed strikes as if they were a monk of half their ninja level. If the ninja has levels in monk, this ability stacks with monk levels to determine how much damage they can do with their unarmed strikes.”

19. A Ninja who selects the Unarmed Combat Mastery talent is treated as a Monk equal to their Ninja level when determining the amount of damage dealt by their unarmed strike. This stacks with Monk levels for determined unarmed damage. Ninja levels also count as Monk levels for the purpose of Flurry of Blows.

20. The Ninja gains Evasion, as a Rogue, at 2nd level.

21. A Ninja taking the Evasion master ninja trick instead gains Improved Evasion.

22. Rogues gain Skill Focus as a bonus feat at 5th, 10th, and 15th level.

23. Retraining a feat you already posses, but changing it to a different selection of your choice only takes 2 days. (Example: Retraining from Weapon Focus: Longsword to Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword would take 2 days, down from 5) You do not need a teacher for this, as you understand the power but are simply studying/practicing a different aspect of it.

24. Weapon Training: Instead of taking the weapon proficiency feat, you may instead train in order to learn how to use a weapon. Learning how to use a simple weapon takes 4 days, a martial weapon takes 10 days, and an exotic weapon takes 20 days. Each day must be devoted to nothing but training. If you stop, your training is halted. You can pick up your training at that same point for a number of days equal to 1 + 1 per 5 BAB + IntMod. After this time you lose one day of training progress for each day you neglect your training. You cannot train with two different weapons at one time. If you do so, you lose all progress from your previous weapon training. This time is cut in half if you train with an instructor. This person must be proficient with the weapon you want to learn how to wield. This generally costs of 200 gold pieces per day. Instructors may increase or decrease prices due to things like attitude towards players, demand for their services, or story reasons. Taking a weapon proficiency feat automatically grants you proficiency with a weapon as normal.

25. Revolvers are a separate proficiency and require you to have the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. Classes that give you proficiency in all firearms do not give you proficiency in the Revolver.

26. Profession (Blacksmith) encompasses the creation of all arms and armor, and allows you to make bows/crossbows and arrows at a small penalty. Craft/Profession (Woodworker) allows you to make wooden weapons and arrows at a small penalty. Craft (Bows) allows you to fletch.

27. Climb and Swim are now combined into the skill Athletics. Any class that gets either climb or swim as a class skill gets this as a class skill. You can use your choice of dexterity of strength.

28. Any class features that are “blasts” (such as the Fire domains Fire Bolt, the Water domain “Icicle”, Elemental Ray from the elemental bloodline) deal an additional dice every two levels. If you arent sure if a power qualifies, ask me.

Rules Updates, Edits and Additions

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