Sightless Eye Style

The monks of the Sightless Eye train to perfect the art of viewing the world as a whole, instead of the narrow sight their eyes allow them.

Pre-Reqs: Wis 14, BAB +5, Blind Fight, Perception 1 rank OR Monk 3, Blind Fight, perception 1 rank

Benefit: When you are blinded, you may add choose to use your wisdom modifier instead of Strength when making melee attack rolls, and you add your wisdom modifier to all damage rolls made with a melee weapon. (Minimum 1) You may blind yourself (naturally or artificially) to gain this benefit. You can do this as part of the action taken to enter into this style. While you are blind and in this stance, you do not lose your dexterity bonus and are not counted as blind for the purposes of Armor Class or other defensive abilities.

Additionally, you do not take any penalties to movement while blind.

Sightless Eye Style

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