Classes define what an adventurer is, but skills can better define what a character might know how to do. These are skills developed in life before class levels, if these led the character to their class or give them a surprise edge is up to the player.

Rules: Every PC chooses one vocation, preferably one that fits their backstory. This does not necessarily need to match your class choices. (A Fighter could have an in-character reason to be Clergy while a wizard might be a Soldier) Vocation names can be re-flavored, but must still have in character reasons for choosing them. They gain a skill rank at each level in the indicated skills. If they are not proficient with the skill listed, they are considered to be so.

Your choice will affect how NPC’s interact with you unless you make pains to hide your vocation. You can go along with the preconceptions of your vocation or rally against them. (A Miliraty doldier may fiercely defend his country or have been conscripted. A Con-Man may use his talents to good ends or ill.) Your profession may open certain doors without the need for checks.

This list is not exhaustive. This is open to player input, all reasonable combinations will be considered.


Soldier – Profession (Soldier) AND chose a subset:

  • Military: Knowledge Local OR Knowledge Nobility
  • Mercenary: Diplomacy AND Intimidate
  • Medic: Heal AND Craft (Alchemy)
  • Scout: Stealth AND Perception
  • Outrider: Ride AND Handle Animal
  • Siege-master: Knowledge (Engineering) AND Perception
  • Warmage: Spellcraft AND Knowledge (Arcana)
  • Town Guard: Knowledge (Local) AND Sense Motive

Hunter: Survival AND choose a subset:

  • Wilderness Guide: Knowledge (Geography)
  • Stalker: Stealth
  • Packmaster: Handle Animal
  • Forager: Profession (Herbalist)
  • Tanner: Profession (Tanner)
  • Trailblazer: Athletics
  • Spelunker: Knowledge (Dungeoneering)

Clergy: Knowledge (Religion) AND choose a subset:

  • Healer: Heal AND Craft (Alchemy)
  • Emissary: Knowledge (Planes) AND Diplomacy
  • Minister: Diplomacy AND Linguistics
  • Prophet: Perform (One of your choice) AND Diplomacy
  • Zealot: Profession (Soldier) AND Perception
  • Crafter: Craft (Arms and Armor)

Miscreant: Perception AND Choose a subset:

  • Sneak: Stealth
  • Robber: Disable Device
  • Pickpocket: Sleight of Hand AND Athletics
  • Con-Man: Bluff
  • Forger: Linguistics
  • Information Broker: Knowledge (Local)
  • Spy: Knowledge (Nobility)
  • Black Marketeer: Appraise
  • Assassin: Profession (Soldier) OR Stealth
  • Impersonator: Disguise
  • Poisoner: Craft (Alchemy)
  • Street-Ear: Diplomacy
  • Vagrant: Survival AND Sleight of Hand

Merchant: Profession (Merchant) AND choose a subset:

  • Trader: Appraise
  • Banker/Moneychanger: Knowledge Local and Nobility
  • Black Marketeer: Bluff AND Sense Motive
  • Scribe: Profession (Scribe) AND Linguistics
  • Smuggler: Stealth AND Bluff
  • Crafter: One craft skill of your choice

Craftsman: Two related craft or profession skills of your choice.

Entertainer: Perform (One of your choice) AND choose a subset:

  • Musician: One instrument based perform skill of your choice OR Perform (sing)
  • Companion: Diplomacy AND Profession (The Oldest)
  • Jester: Perform (comedy)
  • Dancer: Perform (Dance)
  • Acrobat: Acrobatics
  • Animal Trainer: Handle Animal
  • Duelist: Profession (Soldier)
  • Escape Artist: Escape Artist
  • Street Magician: Use Magic Device
  • Con-Man: Bluff
  • Courtier: Knowledge (Nobility)

Scholar: One knowledge skill of your choice AND choose a subset:

  • Professor: Any knowledge skill
  • Artificer: Any craft skill of your choice
  • Scientist: Use Magic Device
  • Spellcaster: Spellcraft AND Knowledge Arcana
  • Court Mage: Spellcraft AND Knowledge Nobility
  • Chemist/Doctor: Craft (Alchemy) AND Heal
  • Scribe: Linguistics AND Profession (Scribe)
  • Translator: Linguistics AND Knowledge (Local)
  • Diplomat: Diplomacy AND Knowledge (Nobility)
  • Historian: Knowledge (History)

Laborer: Choose a subset:

  • Farmhand: Handle Animal AND Profession (Farmer)
  • Miner: Profession (Miner) AND Knowledge (dungeoneering)
  • Outdoorsman: Profession (Fisherman) AND Knowledge (Nature)
  • Sailor: Profession (Sailor) and Knowledge (Geography)
  • Cook: Profession (Chef) and Profession (Butcher)
  • Nurse: Heal, Craft (Alchemy) and Profession (Herbalist)
  • Cartographer: Profession (Cartographer) and Knowledge (Geography)


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